Harbax HVAC

New Products Launched Clamp Multimeter HCM6660 Clamp Multimeter HCM6666 Brazing Torch HST-1982C Swaging Tool HST-22

Our Mission

Since 1991, our group has been serving the HVAC market with all the knowledge we had. As the experience rose, we take one step more towards covering the global market with most of the refrigeration products. Introducing “Harbax” was one of the strongest steps for us to indulge completely in the wide range of refrigeration tools. Their manufacturing and testing could only be done precisely when you have decades of experience which is our story. We have witnessed flows in the systems which evades all the struggle to assemble them. Refrigeration tools are the most important factor for life longing refrigeration systems, and we have made a dedicated brand to make it true.

Extraordinary Experiences

With its premium quality manufacturing, it has spiked on in the market since entering. As a part of the Al Sweer Group, “Harbax” has covered the Middle East and African countries exponentially. Our empire but not restricted only to the deserted land. We are heading with our quality products to the ocean filled islands and snow covering places. Our global approach since the beginning of the company has led us to become a prominent supplier in the global HVAC market.

Our Core Values

We aim to achieve a long-lasting refrigeration system with standard efficiency and economical prices. To achieve this aim we present you the “Harbax”, a firm and precise refrigeration tools brand.

Decades of experience in the HVAC field led the “Harbax” to get into existence. Our dedicated team of engineers and designers has made the products technically bold and economically feasible. Accuracy and Precision have been our old sayings since the ’90s.